Blockchain for Social Change

By providing new ways to securely identify individuals and organizations, and record transactions of various types in a distributed manner, blockchain technologies have been heralded as a new tool to address information asymmetries, establish trust and improve governance. The GovLab’s Blockchange initiative, supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, studies the promise and practice of leveraging blockchain to achieve social change objectives across three types of use case: identity, track & trace, and smarter contracting.

Project Leads

Stefaan Verhulst Co-Founder, The GovLab
Andrew Young Knowledge Director, The GovLab

Advisory Commitee

Andrew Hoppin CoverUs
Arun Sundararajan NYU Stern School of Business
Audrey Tan Angels of Impact
Dr. Cara LaPointe Georgetown University
Carlos Santiso Inter-American Development Bank
Marta Piekarska Hyperledger

We want to hear from you!

Are you a blockchain researcher, practitioner, technologist or policymaker currently using blockchain technologies for social change or interested in creating Blockchange? Tell us more about what you’re working on and let’s find a way to collaborate!

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